Quarantine Chronicles: Evander James

By: Tom Mitchell

The PPW Chronicles is a series where me, PPW Backstage Announcer Tom Mitchell, interview various members of the PPW roster about what they have been up to since the COVID-19 pandemic began. The third interview will be with "The Man you can Trust" Evander James.

The second interview with Johnny Moran can be found here.

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Evander James is one of the very few men to hold the PPW Heavyweight Championship multiple times, joining the likes of Sean Carr, David Starr, Mike Orlando and Tommy Suede as the only men to do so. He has began competing in the tag team division as of late with newfound best friend Charles Mason. Below is the exclusive interview.

Tom Mitchell: Hey man! The first question I had was how have you transitioned to life in quaritine?

Evander James: What's up Tom? Well, I keep a mental state believing wrestling will return soon. So I train 5 days a week. I've been watching wrestling as background noise when training.

TM: How have you been training? Do you have a home gym set up?