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SPF and S2S to Battle in Street Fight for Gold

By: Nick Uliana

In the sports world this past weekend, especially in professional football, we saw many great competitors face off in matchups in which their competition was very evenly matched. This of course provides great entertainment for the fans, as well as plenty of violence. In just two weeks, PPW nation will be exposed to match up that fits that bill. It will be a street fight between two of the best tag teams in the PPW tag team division, as South Philly's Finest take on PPW Tag Team Champions Sent 2 Slaughter for the PPW Tag Team Championship.

These two tag teams are no strangers to big time match ups. South Philly's Finest (SPF) has captured the PPW Tag Team Championship a record six times since 2014, establishing themselves as one the greatest tag teams in PPW history. Sent 2 Slaughter brings similar pedigree to table as well. Almost 41 years of combined professional wrestling experience between the two, Sent 2 Slaughter have leveraged this significant experience advantage to overrun the PPW Tag Team Division from the moment they arrived in Hazleton.

It was Sent 2 Slaughter who originally took out SPF following a tables match at PPW Super Show 2. It was Sent 2 Slaughter who overwhelmed SPF's Luca Brazzi after "The Line" was the last remaining competitor in the PPW Tag Team Rumble at Destiny.

On October 19th, will the experience and brutality of Sent 2 Slaughter be too overwhelming for the fan favorite SPF, or will SPF be able to utilize their quickness and unmatched teamwork and chemistry to take back the gold?

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