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Team Undeniable Looks to Get Even Against Recks, King

By: Mitchell Frantz

It is no secret to anyone in Hazleton that Jason King and Allie Recks have had major issues with Undeniable.

The most recent event for Allie Recks was during the No Limits Rumble at Juiced. During the match, she entered last and was on a roll before she found herself in a difficult situation. Recks was on the apron trying to fight her way back into the match when Ryan Race, the mastermind behind Undeniable, decided to pull her down off of the canvas, thus eliminating the first ever PPW Women’s Champion from the match.

While Race and Recks have had long standing issues, Jason King’s issues with the group started on the day King came to Pennsylvania Premiere Wrestling. King has fought all of Undeniable, and his problems with the group are nearing a boiling point it seems.

In contrast, Andy Header has gripes with King, as The Devil’s Favorite Reject’s manager, Penny Lane, gave him a low blow with the referee’s back turned to allow King to defeat Header last month.

Now, Header and Race have recruited the biggest man in Pennsylvania Premiere Wrestling, Andy’s tag team partner, "The Problem Solver" Pat Sawyer, to help take care of their issues.

The Problem Solver offers an overwhelming mismatch for opponents, standing at 6’9” and weighing over 300 pounds. Jason King will have to use his veteran savvy and Allie Recks will have to use her speed to combat the overwhelming size differential between them and Sawyer, not to mention the technical prowess of Header.

While Sawyer and Header have plenty of experience teaming up together, King and Recks have no past together to speak of. The two came together simply because they both have a common enemy in Undeniable. They will have to learn how to gel quickly in order to be certain that their team can escape with the victory.

Will it be the well oiled machine in Team Undeniable that comes away with the victory? Or will Jason King and Allie Recks prove to be more than just great singles competitors? Will Ryan Race try to make his presence felt throughout the contest?

Find out the answer to this question and more when Pennsylvania Premiere Wrestling presents Throwdown on 5th Street! The event will take place at the Holy Family Academy in Hazleton at 7 pm on March 16th. Tickets are on sale now at


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