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Wes and King become Latest Team to Enter Rumble

By: Mitchell Frantz For the longest time, Jason King and John Wes were at each other's throats. Well, actually, Jason was coming for Ryan Race and his associates, and Wes just so happened to be one of Race's most prized assets. John Wes partnered with the detestable Race, and the pairing proved to be fruitful for Philly native. The 6'3" Wes became the PPW Television Champion, and is etched in the record books as one of the longest reigning TV Champions in PPW history.

The thorn is his side, however, during his reign was none other than King. "The Devil's Favorite Reject" would take out other members of Race's Undeniable faction and simply wanted to deprive Race of all the things he holds closest to him. The PPW Television Championship was certainly one of those things.

At PPW Super Show II in April, King was successful on his mission, defeating Wes thanks to a ruse by King's valet, Penny Lane. The following month at Aftermath, King challenged "The Iron Outlaw" to a rematch where if he lost, he would have to leave Undeniable, but if he won, he'd regain the PPW Television Championship. Wes ended up losing the match and shaking King's hand afterwards, much to the dismay of Race. Now, at Destiny on June 22nd, Wes and King's alliance will be tested as the two enter the Tag Team Rumble. A win on that fateful night will drive Race insane, as he would hate to see Wes leave him and immediately win gold once more. Will the current PPW Television Champion and former champ put their issues from the past aside and win gold?

Find out on June 22nd at 7 PM as PPW presents Destiny! A special meet and greet for former WWE stars TJP, Summer Rae and Mercedes Martinez begins at 5 PM! Tickets are available now at!


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