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Wes Loses Championship, Will Get Rematch at Aftermath

By: Mitchell Frantz

John Wes was one of the longest reigning PPW Television Champions in history, but the biggest criticism facing “The Iron Outlaw” was how rarely he defended the gold. In fact, despite being champion since September, his only defense occurred in December. This was mainly due to Ryan Race wanting to make sure that Wes would always be champion.

Jason King would have other plans.

“The Devil’s Favorite Reject” would torture Race’s Undeniable group, defeating most of the group in matches leading up to Super Show II. When it was finally time to take on Wes once more at the April event, King had an ace up his sleeve in order to make sure that he would put an end to John Wes’s reign in the form of Penny Lane.

The manager who kicked King below the belt at Throwdown on 5th Street made it clear that was simply a ruse to infiltrate Undeniable and help her boyfriend become victorious at Super Show II.

The win is King’s first championship in PPW, but his 17th in total throughout his career.

Looking forward, at PPW Aftermath on May 18th, John Wes will get his championship rematch. There will be no surprises this time around, as Wes and crew were completely blindsided by Penny Lane’s actions last month. Now, it will be an even playing field, with King looking to prove his dominance once more.

Will King be able to defeat Wes for the second consecutive month? Or will “The Iron Outlaw” hit an Iron Fist and put the new champ to sleep?

Find out as Pennsylvania Premiere Wrestling presents Aftermath! Tickets are available at Get yours today!


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