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Los Angeles, CA | 155 lbs

  • Sebastian Cage
  • Sebastian Cage
  • Sebastian Cage

Sebastian Cage is an exciting competitor who has quickly made a name for himself in PPW with a jaw dropping debut against Andy Header in October 2019.


"The Litt Superstar" enjoys having fun in the ring, darting around the ropes and taking the PPW Nation's breath away with his dizzying arrays of offensive maneuvers.

Flying from Los Angeles to Hazleton, Cage has already shown how badly he wants to be the top guy in PPW as well as how badly he wants to perform for the PPW Nation.


Initially beloved, Cage made a major name for himself by turning on best friend KC Navarro and blasting the fan favorite with a steel chair during the latter's PPW Heavyweight Championship match opportunity against Clutch Adams.


With his quickness, mean streak, and endless bag of tricks, it feels like it is only a matter of time until Cage's waistline gets more "Litt" with some PPW gold around it.

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