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Beyond the Canvas: Adam Chandler the Great

By: Tom Mitchell

Beyond the Canvas is a monthly interview series PPW’s backstage announcer, Tom Mitchell, will present to fans in anticipation for the next show. At the end, Tom will offer his personal opinion on what the PPW superstar has to stay. The guest this month will be one of the most physically impressive men on the PPW roster, Adam Chandler the Great.

Standing 6 feet, 3 inches tall and weighing 245 pounds, Chandler possesses the body of a Greek God. Additionally, he doesn’t just look the part, as the Undeniable member is an overwhelming figure for his opponents to deal with. As a client of PPW Commissioner TJ Masters as well as Undeniable figurehead Ryan Race, the Great Nation native has seldom needed to speak. Without the two men whom the PPW Nation love to hate talking for him, I was able to get a few words with Chandler and see who he really is and learn about his aspirations in PPW.

Interview with Adam Chandler the Great

Tom: The first thing people notice about you is your physique, as you are quite the physical specimen. Have you always been this naturally muscular or was it a lot of dedication in the gym that made you look like this?

AC: I have not always been this muscular, I was actually a bit overweight when I got into wrestling. I lost close to 50 pounds in 2011 to prepare myself for some opportunities with WWE. Lifting weights while dieting helped me to lose weight and build muscle simultaneously, now I am in love with the process. Over the years I’ve continued to make improvements to my physique through consistency, but also variation in training and diet.

Tom: Well, what you are doing is certainly working. The PPW Nation can obviously see that you're very well built, but they have not gotten to learn about you outside of your alliance to Undeniable. What are some traits about yourself that you want the PPW Nation to know about you?

AC: I’m always trying to improve, I’m never satisfied, ever. I believe in consistent improvement, whether it’s in the ring, or in the gym. One of the reasons why I joined up with Undeniable was to obtain the best version of myself. I believe the best version of myself will be revealed when I eventually become PPW Heavyweight Champ.

Tom: Speaking of Undeniable, you aligned with TJ Masters and eventually Ryan Race pretty much as soon as you entered PPW. You mentioned wanting to become the best version of yourself, but what other factors made you align with two of the most hated men in Hazleton?

AC: Easy, TJ got me a number one contendership match in only my second show. TJ clearly knows what he’s doing, I’m not foolish enough to think that I can do everything on my own. Having management and representation allows me to focus on the gym and training. Together I’m confident that TJ and I will reach our goal, having Ryan and Undeniable as backup is a welcome bonus for sure!

Tom: You mentioned the number one contendership opportunity in only your second match, but were unable to be successful. What has changed in you since that defeat to Evander James?

AC: Nothing has really changed, it’s just been time to go back to the drawing board. I’ve had two tough losses since then, so the plan is to get a couple wins back and find the right opportunity to get back in the title hunt.

Tom: You are quite the competitor who has hit a couple of setbacks as of late, but are there any wrestlers on the PPW roster that you have not faced yet that you want to?

AC: Mike Orlando. He and I go way back, and I’ve never gotten the opportunity to take him 1 on 1. If there was anyone I would feel that I’d need to “prove something” against, it’s him. Rich Holliday is another Im interested in taking on, but I like that guy so it would be a friendly competition.

Tom: Those would certainly be two great matches. Last question: what do you believe the rest of 2019 has in store for Adam Chandler the Great?

AC: Change, I’m working on something that should be game changing. By the end of 2019 the Adam Chandler the Great you know may be a different animal entirely. Like is said, consistent improvement is my game, 2019 should only get better.

Tom’s Take

Sometimes, it’s easy to forget that these competitors are always thinking and innovating. Chandler is no exception. I personally was too quick to judge ACTG and believe that he only joined TJ Masters and Ryan Race to give himself the easiest route to the PPW Heavyweight Championship. While that certainly helped, he also is a very smart man and knew about the opportunities those two men provided in PPW. I also thought that he was nothing more than a naturally jacked guy who didn’t need to work for his body at all. His commitment to his training has played a big part, as he was able to get his frame into incredible shape.

On the flip side, it is very hard to ignore how Chandler did take the easy way out and became the golden boy for Undeniable. He has certainly earned some opportunities and has been put in some high profile matches for good reason, but he has also been granted those opportunities at points for his alliances. He is a lot smarter than he appears when he has Race and Masters doing all the talking for him, which is highly dangerous for the entire PPW locker room.


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