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Evander, Facade to Meet Once More

By: Mitchell Frantz

After a show stealing contest this past Sunday on High Voltage, Evander James and Facade are ready to meet once again for the PPW Heavyweight Championship!

Instead of meeting at PPW's typical home arena of the Holy Family Academy, the Hazleton-based promotion will travel north to Scranton, specifically the Marketplace at Steamtown, for this epic encounter.

The contest was hotly contested, with both men hitting plenty of their signature offense throughout. Despite Facade taking the pin at the end of the contest, a mutual sign of respect was shown between the two in the form of a handshake.

That is until Clutch Adams came out of nowhere to attack "The Man you can Trust," destroying the champion until Facade came back to chase off Clutch. "The Spectacle" certainly made an impact with the attack that sent ripples throughout the Heavyweight Division. The biggest question is whether Clutch has issues with Evander as a person or if he wants his championship.

Regardless, Facade will look to take advantage of a distracted champion, and learn from his mistakes to become victorious this month.

Will Evander go home with the PPW Heavyweight Championship still around his waist? Or will Facade win his first ever championship in PPW? What are Clutch Adams' intentions and will he show up in the match?

To find out all of this information and more, come to Scranton to watch PPW Brawl at the Mall! Appearing live will be WWE Hall of Famer Koko B. Ware, Holidead, PPW Women's Champion Christina Marie, Scranton native Adena Steele, PPW Television Champion and Scranton native Johnny Moran and plenty of others! Tickets are available now at! Get your tickets today!


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