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F2V Makes Statement Against Mantequilla

By: Scott Fineout

Since arriving in Hazleton in January of this year, veteran Foxx Vinyer has aligned himself with the Punk Rock All Stars, who he shared the stage with at PPW and Impact Wrestling's New Beginnings Pay Per View. Branching out on his own in his first singles competition since coming to Hazleton, and being flanked by the lovely Delilah, Vinyer was looking for his first singles victory against his opponent Mantequilla.

Vinyer and Mantequilla battled in a match that pit Mantequilla's speed against the brute strength of F2V. Vinyer, a veteran of the ring who's spent time in many Northeastern promotions including Ring of Honor, used his experience to get him out of this match.

When the time was right, Vinyer removed the mask from Mantequilla in a move that obviously left Mantequilla defenseless. In lucha libre, unmasking a competitor is seen as the ultimate sign of disrespect and seeing the face of the competitor is often thought of as a loss of identity. Mantequilla, fearing the worst, covered his face while Vinyer finished him off for the win.

Although the disrespect is obvious from "The Kaleidoscope of Chaos", it'll be interesting to see how Mantequilla responds. Up until this he's been involved in highly competitive and exciting matches but "Firework" Foxx has hit a nerve with Mantequilla and you can be sure there will be revenge coming Vinyer's way.

For a veteran like Vinyer, he know's what he's done. He fully expects retaliation.


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