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King Loses Penny Lane, Wins Tag Match By DQ

By: Mitchell Frantz

Pennsylvania Premiere Wrestling's Throwdown on 5th Street may have been on the day before St. Patrick’s Day, but Jason King certainly did not have any luck on his side.

“The Devil’s Favorite Reject” could not find a partner after he was initially supposed to team up with former PPW Women’s Champion Allie Recks to take on Team Undeniable, but that would not be the case. Recks was replaced late with a debuting competitor, “Daredevil” Dave Doll, who seemed just a bit too excited to step into a PPW ring, making rookie mistakes that had King visibly agitated on the apron at points.

Just when things could not seem to be getting any worse for Jason, his manager, Penny Lane, decided to give “The Devil’s Favorite Reject” a low blow, promptly ending the match and awarding the disqualification victory to the makeshift team of Jason King and Dave Doll. Everybody around the ring, including King and Doll’s opponents Pat Sawyer and Andy Header, as well as everyone in the Holy Family Academy, were shocked at what they had just witnessed. That was until Penny Lane started jumping up and down in joy and giving out hugs and high fives to the Undeniable representatives.

With Penny Lane now seemingly aligning with Undeniable, and Jason not seeming thrilled with Dave Doll’s audition, King is completely out of allies. Considering that the Ryan Race-led Undeniable has John Wes, Clutch Adams, Johnny Moran, Miranda Vionette, Pat Sawyer, Andy Header and now seemingly Penny Lane, the odds are certainly not in King’s favor.

“The Devil’s Favorite Reject” will need to find allies quickly or else the numbers will truly catch up to him. One has to wonder how many more 4 or 5 on 1 beatdowns King can endure before he gives up on his mission to remove Undeniable from Hazleton. Then again, knowing King, he is not one to go down without a fight.


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