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Laszlo Gains Momentum Against Scott

By: Mitchell Frantz

For the longest time, Laszlo Arpad has been on the brink of becoming No Limits Champion.

It started at PPW Juiced in February, when the No Limits Championship was first up for grabs in a rumble. Laszlo was the last man standing until Charles Mason reemerged after being taken out below the ropes to dump "The Hungarian Hero" out of the ring and claim the gold.

It was followed the next month by Mason throwing a cigar off the chest of Laszlo, infuriating the big man and causing the him to take his eye off the prize. The month after, "The Billionaire Playboy" and Laszlo were once again in a match and, once again, Mason emerged victorious. Throughout that entire span, however, Laszlo was not pinned or submitted.

At Aftermath, Arpad knew that he had to prove to PPW management why he was such a renowned star in not only the United States but also in Europe, and a victory over former PPW TV Champion Brandon Scott accomplished exactly that.

After Scott spent most of the match trying to delay actually wrestling the Hungary native, Laszlo made him pay with some wicked chops and an overwhelming offense. "Mr. Xcellence" tried fighting back, but a Sword of Attila running lariat was enough to knock Scott out cold.

Looking forward, Laszlo has plenty of options. He could go back and try to put his problems with Mason behind him and try to climb the Heavyweight or Television divisions, or he could go after "The Billionaire Playboy" and pick up that much desired decisive victory over him. He could even turn his attention to trying to become No Limits Champion against new champ Foxx Vinyer.

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