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Mane Event to Defend Newly Won Gold Against Sambo Show

By: Noah Krubitzer

“Coup” is a term not often used in the context of professional wrestling, but it is by far the most appropriate word to describe what happened at Full Moon.

In the locker room, a scheme was concocted amongst most of the tag team division, by way of the Sambo Show. Without clueing South Philly’s Finest in on the strategy, it was decided that the Punk Rock All Stars and Sambo Show would jump Sent 2 Slaughter after their match, allowing Midas Black and Jay Lyon to cash in their Tag Team Golden Ticket.

It worked. The Mane Event are your new PPW Tag Team Champions. This Saturday will not only be the first match in a division that now must figure out who the new top dog will be, but will also be the Mane Event’s first title defense, trying to keep the gold from one of the teams that helped them win it, The Sambo Show.

It did not take long for Mane Event to cash in the Tag Team Golden Ticket they won at PPW VI, but who can blame them? The perfect opportunity landed in their lap, and practically guaranteed them the PPW Tag Team Championships.

Now, Midas Black and Jay Lyon must prove they truly deserve to be called champions. They’re a strong team, and as we saw during the ladder match at PPW VI, they can survive, and thrive, in chaos. This will be a very special match for the duo, as this is their first time holding PPW gold. That kind of pressure can either crack coal, or make a diamond, and because of the past exploits of the Ringleader and his Lion in this company, we have reason to believe that this high-profile matchup will only bring out the best in the new PPW Tag Team Champs.

Standing across from them will be the Sambo Show, a major cog in the plan to dethrone Sent 2 Slaughter. Now, they will be closer to their first PPW Tag Team Championship reign then possibly ever before. And while “EL Lobo” Syler Andrews and “Mr. Good Luck” Samuel Adams have proven themselves worthy of being champions in past single’s competition, they’ve never been able to show themselves worthy of holding gold in the tag division. If their past experiences in title matches can translate into this one, they could have a demonstrable edge of the Mane Event. Given how well phase 1 of the plan went – getting Sent 2 Slaughter away from the championships- they have to be pretty confident that this part will go their way too, with the pair walking out of Fight Night with the titles around their waists, as the highest blocks of the tag team hierarchy.

Will the Ringleader and his Lion prove to their Circus Warriors that the Mane Event is the best team in PPW? Or could the Sambo Show tear down the Big Top, and see themselves win their first championship as a team? Given the chaos currently enveloping the division in the aftermath of Full Moon, could another one of the teams interfere, and stake their claim to a match for the belts?

Find out the answer to all of these questions and more when PPW and Wayne Highlands Middle School team up to present Fight Night! Appearing live alongside these men will be “The Masterpiece” Chris Masters, PPW Heavyweight Champion Clutch Adams, "The Neon Ninja" Facade with Dani Mo, Desean Pratt, PPW Television Champion Johnny Moran, Teddy Hart, PPW No Limits Champion Isaak Ruhl, “The Dominican Dream” Antonio Rivera, Honesdale’s own Drew Adams and plenty of others! Tickets are available right now at!


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