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Mantequilla Looks to Take Advantage of Distracted Mason

By: Mitchell Frantz

Charles Mason recently lost his PPW No Limits Championship and his subsequent rematch, but that does seem to bother “The Billionaire Playboy” too much.

The man known for his exotic lifestyle has set his intentions on a certain lady: Penny Lane. The only problem with that, however, is that Penny just so happens to be the girlfriend of one of the most intimidating men on the entire PPW roster. That man is none other than the PPW Television Champion, Jason King.

The 18 year veteran has taken exception to Mason’s bold social media posts, as well as his commentary and antics around his girlfriend on a recent episode of High Voltage. The next time the champion sees “The Billionaire Playboy,” it is almost a guarantee to be ugly.

While Charles Mason is too obsessed with Penny Lane to realize what is going on, the high-flying Mantequilla will look to seize a victory over a distracted billionaire in their match at PPW Heat Blast on July 20th. The man who is as smooth as butter lost this past week on High Voltage to Andy Header via some questionable tactics from Header’s manager, Ryan Race, so taking on a distracted playboy may be just what Mantequilla needs to get back in the win column.

Will Mantequilla take advantage of a preoccupied Mason? Will the detestable “Billionaire Playboy” keep his eyes off Penny Lane long enough to score a victory? What will happen if Jason and Charles come face-to-face?

Find out all the answers to all these questions and more when PPW presents Heat Blast! Also scheduled to appear live will be Dean Malenko, Kelly Kelly, PPW Women’s Champion Mercedes Martinez, PPW Heavyweight Champion Evander James, “The Neon Ninja” Facade, PPW Tag Team Champions Sent 2 Slaughter, SPF, Christina Marie, and all of your favorite PPW stars! Tickets are available now at!


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