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Mason to Defend Championship Against Mantequilla and Laszlo

By: Mitchell Frantz

PPW No Limits Champion Charles Mason is no stranger to having to face multiple opponents.

He won the vacant No Limits Championship in a 20 person battle royal at Juiced in February, and had to defend his championship in a Fatal 4 Way match at Throwdown on 5th Street in March. Now, at PPW Super Show II, he must defend his championship against one of the men in the same match as him in March, Laszlo Arpad, as well as a fresh challenger in Mantequilla.

The issues between the champion and challenger Laszlo started at Juiced, when the No Limits Championship was first up for grabs in a 20-man rumble that was won by Mason. Towards the end of the match, Laszlo believed he had won, but “The Billionaire Playboy” reentered the fray and dumped Laszlo over the top rope, winning the rumble and the No Limits Championship.

The issues between the two escalated further when Mason came out to “We are the Champions” as his new theme music and threw a lit cigar at the chest of Laszlo during his entrance, which caused “The Hungarian Hero” to snap and wail on Mason’s chest with some wicked chops.

With tensions at a boiling point, the two of them, as well as Mantequilla, will meet for the No Limits Championship once again.

Mantequilla will be the X-Factor in his contest. The fan favorite who loves butter will look to be opportunistic and pick his spot whenever he can. As the reigning Crown Jewel Champion in House of Glory, the masked luchador would love to add some more valuable hardware to his collection by winning the No Limits Championship.

Will Laszlo finally win the championship he has been deprived of since he arrived in PPW? Will Charles Mason leave Hazleton with the gold still around his waist? Or will Mantequilla surprise both men and be the one who leaves champion at the end of the night?

Find out the answer to these questions and more as Pennsylvania Premiere Wrestling presents Super Show II! Also featured at the show will be Melina, Teddy Long, Simon Gotch, Gillberg, Nyla Rose, Disco Inferno and plenty of others! Don’t miss the best show in Hazleton on Saturday, April 27th! Tickets are available now at Get yours today!


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