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MVP to Team with SPF Against AoE, ACTG

By: Mitchell Frantz

Montel Vontavious Porter is one of the most recognizable names in all of professional wrestling.

The former WWE Tag Team Champion and United States Champion made his mark in World Wrestling Entertainment in the late 2000’s and early 2010’s, but has had a highly successful career elsewhere, including being the inaugural IWGP Intercontinental Champion.

One of the most decorated competitors in the world will team up with the most decorated team in Hazleton and current PPW Tag Team Champions, South Philly’s Finest. The duo is coming off of an unprecedented sixth Tag Team Championship win at Super Show II, after outlasting two of their opponents this month, the Arrogance of Excellence, in a grueling tables match.

Speaking of the Arrogance of Excellence, the team of Johnny Moran and Clutch Adams have to be irate about how a table broke from underneath Moran and allowed SPF to become champions.

They will be teaming up with another one of TJ Masters’ clients in Adam Chandler The Great. Chandler, who spent the previous month destroying a PPW Underdog Training School member, will face much stiffer competition this time around in SPF and MVP.

A major advantage going into the contest for AoE and Chandler is the fact that they will have not only TJ Masters in their corner, but also Ryan Race. Race, while highly despised, is arguably the greatest manager to come out of Hazleton with an extensive track record that speaks for itself. Combining him and TJ Masters on one side is quite the advantage; however, when the opposite side of the ring features a star like MVP and a tag team like SPF, that advantage can quickly be negated.

Which team will emerge from Aftermath victorious? Find out on May 18th! Tickets for the show can be found at Order today!


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