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Quarantine Chronicles: Xander Marin

By: Tom Mitchell

The PPW Chronicles is a series where me, PPW Backstage Announcer Tom Mitchell, interview various members of the PPW roster about what they have been up to since the COVID-19 pandemic began. The fourth interview will be with Raze Lighting's Xander Marin.

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Xaner is the brainchild behind Raze Lighting, which is among the best lighting companies in all of independent wrestling. In addition to working for PPW, Xander also works for independent wrestling companies like Pro Wrestling Magic and WrestlePro. The lighting Xander provides gives show a whole new feel for PPW shows, enhancing the quality for viewers exponentially. The craziest thing is, he is doing all of this while not even being legally old enough to drive a car!

Interview with Xander

Tom Mitchell: Hey man! The first question I had was how have you transitioned to life in quarantine?

Xander Marin: I transition by changing my schedule since I have no more shows for now. Just trying to find something productive I can do or something to pass the time.

TM: What are some things you have found that work for you to be productive?

XM: Things that I have found to be productive is to learn more about the lighting industry and get to know more about the programs I use to make the show even more impressive. I also been making YouTube videos and editing video for other people that I do to make sure I am not wasting time.

TM: That's awesome man. How have you been able to juggle this with your schoolwork?

XM: The school work I get is barely any to none. I only have a couple of online classes but I still have plenty of time to do the work I just mentioned.

TM: I gotcha. Which you say that learning the ins and outs of the lighting industry or making the YouTube videos has been more time consuming?

XM: I usually make the YouTube videos or editing them for other people, but sometimes I have a question about how this works or for example, "where did AEW get those lights from" so I do research to find them. But those are occasional things I think about and only take me like an hour to figure out or find.

TM: Makes sense. What do you miss most about PPW?

XM: Nothing spacific just missing wrestling and doing lighting for shows in general even with other companies.

TM: Yeah man I totally get that. I think that's all the questions I have for you so thanks a ton!

Tom's Take

PPW shows are simply not the same without Xander. Personally, I never realized how vital he was to our team until he was not around for one show due to a booking conflict. His lights bring an entirely new environment and aura to the show, something that is not to be overstated. Since he is so young, the only way for him to get in this industry is up, especially if he continues honing his craft.


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