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Sambo Show Reunites Against Punk Rock All Stars

By: Mitchell Frantz

Samuel Adams said he had a surprise partner for the Tag Team Rumble last month at PPW Destiny, and what a surprise it was. Former PPW Television Champion Syler Andrews returned to team up with “Mr. Good Luck,” and Andrews generated one of the loudest reactions from the Holy Family Academy all night.

The long haired powerhouse reminded fans right away why he was a former Television Champion and fan favorite, bowling through the competition in the rumble with some innovative tag team maneuvers alongside Adams and providing an infectious energy that could be felt throughout Hazleton. While the two were unable to win the contest, it was very clear that the team had some natural chemistry. And chemistry the two do have. They eat together, travel together, have a podcast together and are each other’s best friends, so it only makes sense that the two men would have an understanding of what the other one was going to do next.

At the same time that Andrews was the PPW Television Champion and “Mr. Good Luck” was finding his footing as a fan favorite, there was a certain pair of misfits who just so happened to be in the midst of a historic PPW Tag Team Championship reign. Drake Carter and Shaun Cannon, more notably known as the Punk Rock All Stars, have hit a bit of tough luck in 2019, but were cream of the crop in Hazleton for the entirety of last year. From March until November, Carter and Cannon, alongside manager Delilah, held the PPW tag team division in the palm of their hands, taking out any team, usually via questionable tactics, to maintain their grip on the gold. Without the championships, the Baltimore natives have been lost, but a win over a team on the rise like the Sambo Show could put them right back in the championship picture.

Which team will come out of this pivotal contest with a major victory under their belts? Will a win here propel either one of these teams to the front of the line for the PPW Tag Team Championships?

Find out the answer to all these questions and more as PPW presents Heat Blast! Also appearing live will be Kelly Kelly, Dean Malenko, and all of your favorite PPW stars! Tickets are available now at! Order yours today!


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