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SPF, AoE to Meet in Tables Match

By: Nick Uliana

In life, we like to believe that certain events, especially those of an athletic nature will turn out fair; however, if you were to ask the South Philly`s Finest (SPF), they would disagree. They feel as though they have been unfairly treated. However, instead of complaining to the administration of PPW, they took a different path.

They took the path of opportunity, which came about for SPF in the form of a number one contender's match provided to them at Throwdown on 5th Street. They would take full advantage of this opportunity by defeating the Mane Event and their long time rivals, the Punk Rock All Stars.

The theme seems to be opportunity, and opportunities are extremely hard to come by in the business of professional wrestling. SPF have been granted a tremendous opportunity to get back the PPW Tag Team Championships from the Arrogance of Excellence at SuperShow II on April 27th, 2019.

After losing the PPW Tag Team Championships at New Beginnings thanks in part to a Miranda Vionette interference, and then losing once more at Juiced because of TJ Masters' questionable refereeing, SPF are well aware that this will be their third and final opportunity at defeating Ryan Race's clients for the gold.

The contest between the two bitter rivals will be a tables match. With this painful stipulation, Hazleton is guaranteed to seem some unlucky body go through the wooden furniture. SPF's emotions will certainly be running high, but the Arrogance of Excellence will have multiple people in their corner, which could be too much for Luca Brazzi and Jimmy Konway to overcome.

Will Johnny Moran and Clutch Adams retain their championships? Or will the most decorated team in Pennsylvania Premiere Wrestling history become an unprecedented six time champions? Who will end the night with their bodies broken through tables?

Find out all of this and more when PPW presents Super Show II! Tickets are available now at The event will also featuring former WWE stars Teddy Long, Melina, Simon Gotch and Gillberg, as well as AEW's Nyla Rose and WCW's Disco Inferno. Get your tickets today!


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