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Vinyer to Defend Against Header

By Scott Fineout Whatever it takes to get it done.

At least that is what Foxx Vinyer is saying after his win last week on PPW High Voltage (Sundays at 8PM on PPW Facebook) as he defeated Charles Mason after a reverse decision. Mason's foot was on the ropes and the official didn't catch it. Normally this would be a victory, but PPW Commissioner Freddy Ackers had seen enough of Mason and his antics. His repeated victories in the most underhanded of ways. The match was quickly restarted and Vinyer would just as quickly catch Mason off guard and defeat him in a special Lumberjack Match.

Now, Vinyer welcomes in the challenge of Undeniable's Andy Header. Vinyer has been on fire since coming to PPW in January at PPW and Impact Wrestling's One Night Only: New Beginnings iPPV. There he joined the Punk Rock All Stars and picked up the services of his now manager Delilah.

Delilah, though quiet, is someone to talk about as well. After last year leading her tag team the Punk Rock All Stars through the tag team division en route to a PPW Tag Team Title run, Delilah has now scored another client a championship with Vinyer claiming the No Limits Title a few months ago. Delilah is someone to watch out for in this match as she is always an equalizer, or often times the tipping point that helps her client get a much needed win.

On the other end, Andy Header has been the soldier for Undeniable. Teaming with Pat Sawyer up until a few months ago, Header is one of the longest reigning clients of Ryan Race and it'll be interesting to see what Race does in this match to get his teams upper hand.

As talented as Vinyer and Header are, its the outside of the ring factor that could sway this one either way. This one will be a good one to watch!

There a ton of questions that will be answered on Saturday, July 20th, when PPW presents Heat Blast! Also appearing live will be Kelly Kelly, Dean Malenko, Facade, PPW Women's Champion Mercedes Martinez and all of your favorite PPW stars. Order your tickets now at!


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