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Beyond the Canvas: Charles Mason

By: Tom Mitchell

Beyond the Canvas is a monthly interview series PPW’s backstage announcer, Tom Mitchell, will present to fans in anticipation for the next show. At the end, Tom will offer his personal opinion on what the PPW superstar has to stay. The guest this month will be none other than the PPW No Limits Champion, Charles Mason.

“The Billionaire Playboy” won the No Limits Championship in a battle royal at PPW Juiced. The championship was originally vacated by Majestic Noah after an injury, which allowed Mason to step in and outlast 19 others to become the new champion. Fresh off of a champion defense at Super Show II against Mantequilla and Laszlo Arpad, “The Billionaire Playboy” is riding quite the wave of momentum with no signs of slowing down anytime soon. I was able to catch up with Mason and see where his head was after his recent string of victories.

Interview with Charles Mason

Tom Mitchell: First of all, congrats on yet another successful championship defense at Super Show II. How have you been able to overcome the multi-man matches that have become normal for you throughout your reign as No Limits Champion?

Charles Mason: First and foremost, the pleasure is all yours. As well as every other fan at PPW who has been fortunate enough to be present for my glorious reign as the No Limits Champion.

As far as how I've been able to maintain success in these types of matches, I'd say my lifestyle has prepared me for this. As the Billionaire Playboy, I've spent many nights laying in bed with multiple women at a time, flying to different cities in a day, and making several luxurious purchases within an hour. Look where that has taken me. Straight to the top. So defending my title against multiple so called wrestlers who couldn't walk a day in my Louis Vuitton boots is the easiest thing I've ever done.

Tom: As you have mentioned, you are known as “The Billionaire Playboy” and are not afraid to flaunt your wealth around in Hazleton. Why would a man as wealthy as you get into professional wrestling?

CM: It's quite simple although I wouldn't expect you to understand. A man of my wealth and status follows the money and the independent wrestling industry is proving to be very lucrative. My goal is to monopolize the business that is pro wrestling and make millions off of it. It would be a shame to see any of the poverty stricken morons from Hazleton make any profit off of PPW. They simply do not deserve it.

Tom: Morons seems a bit harsh but you’re entitled to your own opinion. Anyways, you seem to reside in a new luxurious vacation spot every month. Do you have a favorite place to make your residence in?

CM: Not that anyone in such a low class such as yourself would be familiar with but if you must know, Venice is beautiful this time of year. From the art to the luxury cars and fine cuisine, not to mention the women, Italy is the perfect destination for me to spend my time with my No Limits Championship. Your kind of people couldn't afford the flight either which assures me that I can enjoy my time there unbothered by the grotesque PPW fanbase.

Tom: Can’t say I have ever been to Venice but it certainly sounds beautiful. So back to wrestling. When you first became the No Limits Champion, you said that you wanted to elevate the championship to become the most prestigious one in all of Pennsylvania Premiere Wrestling. Would you say you accomplished your goal or is it too early to tell?

CM: As soon as the title was in my possession it became the most prestigious title in the company. Unfortunately, it hasn't been treated as such. The competition I've faced so far for this title have been laughable and almost embarrassing. I said I wanted the best PPW has to offer and they haven't even come close to delivering that. Management brings in actual competitors but places them in other matches. How about giving me an actual challenge. I want to show why I am the best to ever hold the No Limits Championship and one of the best professional wrestlers around today.

Tom: You mentioned how you want an actual challenge. Are you saying that opponents such as Laszlo Arpad, Mantequilla and Trajan Horn are all subpar competition?

CM: That's exactly what I'm saying. I'm not going to sugarcoat it or try and be a good sport. They are not on my level and never will be. That is a factual statement.

Tom: Final question. Do you have anybody in particular who you would like to put your No Limits Championship up for grabs against?

CM: I see MVP is showing up at PPW Aftermath on May 18. How about I prove who the Most Valuable Player in this company really is and let's see if he can give me a run for my money.

As far as the PPW roster is concerned, the only people I can see sharing the ring with me would be the Heavyweight Champion Evander James and, when healthy, KC Navarro. Unless PPW brings in some credible competitors from outside, anyone else would be a complete waste of my time. I’m here to elevate this company and make some money doing so. Now if you'll excuse me, I have a plane to catch.

Tom: Thank you for your time, Mr. Mason.

CM: The pleasure is all yours.

Tom’s Take

Charles Mason is perhaps the most confident man in Hazleton right now. Sure, he did come off as a little bit arrogant and I may even argue rude, but he has been highly successful to this point, and I cannot see anyone slowing him down anytime soon. Despite the deck being stacked against him at practically every turn, “The Billionaire Playboy” always seems to overcome the odds.

Calling out MVP is bold, but I respect it. Mason is hungry for competition, and the former WWE United States Champion will be the biggest fish in the pond come Aftermath. Matches with Evander James and KC Navarro also have this writer excited that these contests could become reality in the future. If one thing is for sure though, it's that Mason has everything it takes to be a champion for a long time. If he tightens his focus even greater on wrestling instead of tying his head around how rich he is, then Mason really may take over independent wrestling as we know it.


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