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Melina, Disco Inferno to Feature in Intergender 10-Man Tag Team Match

By: Mitchell Frantz

PPW Nation is set to be in for quite the fun and star studded 10-man tag team contest at Super Show II!

On one side of the ring, there will be a team led by Melina and Disco Inferno. The two icons of professional wrestling will look to add some star power and championship pedigree to a team filled with exciting personalities.

Their first teammate will be Trajan Horn. “The Chubby Daddy” factors into this whole equation by having a very impressive showing during the No Limits Rumble, and having another solid showing in the Fatal 4 Way match that also featured John Wes, Laszlo Arpad and Charles Mason last month for the gold.

The trio’s other partners will be Midas Black and Jay Lyon, known collectively as The Mane Event. The Mane Event are one of the most entertaining acts in all of professional wrestling, with Black’s showmanship meshing very well with Lyon’s beastly combination of agility and power.

Their first opponent will be one of the Mane Event’s biggest rivals, the Punk Rock All Stars. The crazy-haired duo of Shaun Cannon and Drake Carter are one of the most prestigious teams in PPW history, having held the Tag Team Championships for most of 2018.

In addition to the All Stars, their ally, Foxx Vinyer, will also be on the team. The face painted “Kaleidoscope of Chaos” has made a strong impression not only on the former tag team champions, but also on the PPW Nation, cementing himself as one of the most ruthless competitors in Hazleton.

King Leon the 6th will also be the team. Leon ended 2018 with a massive win over The Blue Meanie, and will look to continue to stockpile wins over world renowned wrestlers, with Melina and Disco Inferno being the next targets on the list.

The final competitor will be the debuting Adena Steele. She will look to make a major impression on PPW management if she were to contribute to her team defeating Melina and company.

Which team will come out victorious? Find out the answer to these questions and more as Pennsylvania Premiere Wrestling presents Super Show II! Also featured at the show will be Teddy Long, Simon Gotch, Gillberg, Nyla Rose and plenty of others! Don’t miss the best show in Hazleton on Saturday, April 27th! Tickets are available now at Get yours today!


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