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Quarantine Chronicles: Charles Mason

By: Tom Mitchell

The PPW Chronicles is a series where me, PPW Backstage Announcer Tom Mitchell, interview various members of the PPW roster about what they have been up to since the COVID-19 pandemic began. The sixth interview will be with "The Billionaire Playboy" Charles Mason.

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Charles first came to PPW in 2018, took a brief hiatus, then returned to win the No Limits Battle Royal in February of 2019. Winning the battle royal gave Charles his first champoinship in PPW, the No Limits Championship. Rich and cocky, Mason had found himself in championship contention at PPW/Impact shows in November. A recent alliance with "The Man you can Trust" Evander James has made Mason way more likable in the fans eyes, as the pair battled in January and gained mutual respect after that match. Check out the full interview with Mason below.

Tom Mitchell: The first question I had was how have you transitioned to life in quarantine?

Charles Mason: Life has actually been very difficult for me in quarantine. All my household staff (butlers, maids & chefs) have been forced to return to their homes so for the first time in my life I’ve been forced to cook for myself, bathe myself and wipe myself after uses the restroom. My lawn is a mess, my pools are grotesque and my helicopter is full of bird poop. I would of had them live with me but I’m afraid they might try and steal my antique silverware and sell it for drugs. But I do have to say the worst part of all this is not being able to see my good friend Evander James. I had some big plans for us at PPW that this quarantine has interrupted but I’m very confident everything will go as planned....and we’ll win those tag team titles.

TM: Have you and Evander been able to maintain your tag team chemistry at this quarantine?

CM: Yes absolutely. We video chat and talk on a daily basis. I influenced his decision in growing a very classy mustache. Our chemistry is at an all time high. So much so that I feel like I can see his every move before he does it.

TM: Certainly. Your chemistry was already sky high before the pandemic, and now you guys are primed to be in PPW Tag Team Championship contention. Have you guys discussed becoming champions at some point?

CM: It’s literally all we talk about. This pandemic took our title shot away from us. The match was made official against Mane Event so legally we’re still owed that opportunity.

TM: That match is certain to blow the roof off the building. You mentioned earlier how your household staff have not been able to work for you since this all occurred. Have you gained a new appreciation for what lower waged workers like them do on a daily basis?

CM: No, not really. It’s degrading work but something has to do it. People like you, the poor, are not like me. You’re barely even people. You and my former staff were literally bred and brought into this world to mow lawns. You’re all the same, all replaceable. Except Evander James, of course. He has so much potential to evolve into someone better. He’s not as easy to manipulate as the others around him.

TM: Any final words you want to tell the PPW Nation?

CM: When I get back to PPW I will become the new tag team champions & create moments that all of you will never forget, you can TRUST that!

Tom's Take

Charles Mason has had arguably the most difficult transition into quarantine. Without his staff there to cater to his every need, Mason has found quarantine to be a nightmare. His constant contact with Evander James will help the pair in the long run, even if they cannot directly see each other right now. The thing that has me weary, however, is the fact that he says that Evander is not as easy to manupulate as others. Is Mason trying to play the long game with his tag team partner and looking to betray him? nothing is for certain, but I'm keeping my eye out for Mason.


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