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Evander Faces Major Test in TJP, Maluta

By: Mitchell Frantz

Evander James thus far has proven to be a trustworthy champion.

After being one of the most loathed competitors on the PPW roster for the majority of his career, something in Evander’s head changed in March that made him realize his wrongdoings. The change, followed by an accepting Hazleton crowd, elevated “The Man you can Trust” all the way to the PPW Heavyweight Championship.

James has been very thankful towards the fan since his championship victory at Super Show II, and has used his newfound love and support of the PPW Nation to be successful in his first championship defense against Desean Pratt, Samuel Adams and wrestling legend 2 Cold Scorpio.

Last month was quite the challenge, but this month poses even more of a threat to Evander’s championship run, as he must go up against two former WWE competitors.

TJ Perkins, or TJP as he is also called, was the inaugural winner of the WWE Cruiserweight Classic in 2016, which crowned him the first ever Cruiserweight Champion in the relaunched division. Additionally, the match will be one of TJP’s very first since leaving WWE earlier in 2019.

While TJP has the championship prestige in WWE, Sean Maluta has the bloodline. Maluta was also involved in the Cruiserweight Classic that was eventually won by TJP, but carved out a solid stint in WWE during his time with the company. The exciting Maluta had bouts with people like Tajiri, Kota Ibushi, and Bobby Roode during his time, so he has plenty of notable experience to draw back on, as well as the famed Anoa’i bloodline. His relatives include The Rock, Roman Reigns, Rikishi and the Usos, just to name a few.

Evander James certainly has his work cut out for him at Destiny, as the two ex-WWE competitors will give “The Man you can Trust” all he can handle and then some. Will James be able to leave as champion? Will TJP claim his first championship outside of WWE? Or will Maluta build on his family’s legacy and add the PPW Heavyweight Championship to their list of accolades? Will Golden Ticket Briefcase holder make his mark and cash in after the match?

Find out all of this and more when PPW presents Destiny on June 22nd! Bell time is at 7, and the meet and greet for TJP, Summer Rae and Mercedes Martinez starts at 5 PM. Get your tickets now at!


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