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High Voltage Returns Sunday

By: Nick Uliana

This week on PPW High Voltage will feature three contests that could be main event contests on any professional wrestling card in the country.

The first contest will be a tag team contest between four competitors looking to making big waves in the sport. The Dynasty, the team of Richard Holliday and Alex Hammerstone, both Major League Wrestling competitors, will look display all their potential against two PPW veteran competitors in Jay Lyon and Midas Black, known collectively as the Mane Event. Can the Mane Event combine the in-ring IQ of Midas Black and powerful agility of Jay Lyon to pick up a victory against two blue chip competitors in The Dynasty?

"The Billionaire Playboy" Charles Mason comes down from his mansion, located in “a place you couldn’t afford” to face one of the biggest challenges of his young career as he puts his PPW No Limits Championship on the line against two veteran PPW competitors looking to make a splash. The first of these two competitors is Foxx Vinyer, looking to a blaze trail of his a singles competitor. The other veteran competitor is Victor Andrews, a well rounded in-ring performer who utilizes a diverse background of mixed martial arts and boxing to gain an edge on his fellow competitors. Can the young, brash rookie keep hold of his No Limits Championship against what will no doubt be some of the toughest competition he has faced?

Finally, PPW nation will witness what is sure to be an all-out war between four excellent, high level competitors for the PPW Heavyweight Championship. WCW/WWE/ECW legend 2 Cold Scorpio will bring his hard hitting and high flying style to the ring, as he will face off against PPW Golden Ticket Holder Desean Pratt, PPW veteran Samuel Adams and of course the PPW Heavyweight Champion Evander James. Can "The Most Honest Man In Professional Wrestling" keep his spot atop the greasy pole as PPW Champion or will one his seasoned fellow competitors find themselves with a hand raised and new gold?

Catch all of this on the Next Episode of PPW High Voltage, 100,000 watts of the best professional wrestling in Pennsylvania.


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