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Keller, Mason to Meet in Scranton

By: Mitchell Frantz

Charles Mason seems to be a very busy man as of late.

Fresh off of a victory over Mantequilla, “The Billionaire Playboy” has been very active in trying to reach out to Penny Lane in attempts to get the valet to leave her boyfriend, Jason King. Mason has been calling “The Devil’s Favorite Reject” all sorts of degrading names, and has been causing major issues for King.

At PPW Heat Blast a few weeks back, Mason tried bringing roses to Penny. The black-haired manager clearly was not interested, which was evident to everyone in the Holy Family Academy except for Charles. This brought out King in the middle of his championship match to try and confront Mason, a move that King’s opponent, Johnny Moran, took advantage of. As King ripped the flowers out of Mason’s hand and started chewing “The Billionaire Playboy” out.

While his back was turned, Johnny Moran was able to swoop in, steal the flowers from King, and beat him with those beautiful roses. At one point, Moran took the thorny plant and raked it across his opponent’s eyes, blinding King for a while and leading to “The Son of Scranton” winning the match and becoming the new PPW WYLN Television Champion.

With an irate King looking to get his hands on Mason at every turn, “The Billionaire Playboy” will have to turn his attention to the highly talented Breaux Keller.

After debuting in an unsuccessful effort against Clutch Adams in a tightly contested match, “All Energy” gets a major opportunity once again against a guy who was a former No Limits Champion. Keller has had a lot of success in other promotions, and is a former collegiate All-American track athlete to boot. The speed advantage will certainly be on the chiseled Keller’s side, as will the PPW Nation.

Will “All Energy” be able to earn a victory against one of the most hated men in PPW? Will Charles Mason get his mind off of Penny Lane long enough to dial in against Keller? Will Jason King be able to get his hands on “The Billionaire Playboy” in Scranton? Will Penny Lane ever leave her current boyfriend for Mason?

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