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Super Show II Poster Revealed

By: Mitchell Frantz

The PPW Super Show II poster has officially been revealed today.

Featured most prominently in the middle of the poster is former WWE Women’s Champion Melina.

Also featured rather heavily towards the top of the poster are a trio of former WWE employees: former NXT Tag Team Champion Simon Gotch, former WWF Light Heavyweight Champion Gillberg and WWE Hall of Famer Teddy Long.

The next row below them features a slew of PPW competitors as well as some world famous stars. KC Navarro and Desean Pratt have been at each other’s throats for the past few months, but are pictured beside each other on the poster. Former PPW Heavyweight Champion Mike Orlando is next to Pratt, with Facade next to him. Disco Inferno is right below Facade, and PPW Heavyweight Champion Sean Carr is on the far right of the poster.

AEW’s Nyla Rose is the first competitor in the next row down on the left, and the number one contender to Carr's PPW Heavyweight Championship Evander James is on the opposite side of her with Melina in between them.

On the bottom row are number one contenders to the PPW Tag Team Championships South Philly’s Finest and the current PPW Tag Team Champions the Arrogance of Excellence.

With such a stacked card, some notable names were left off of the poster but will still be appearing at PPW Super Show II, such as “Courageous” Christina Marie, PPW Television Champion John Wes, PPW No Limits Champion Charles Mason, Allie Recks, Ryan Race and Undeniable, “Mr. Good Luck” Samuel Adams, the Punk Rock All Stars, the Mane Event, “Firework” Foxx Vinyer, “The Devil’s Favorite Reject” Jason King, Adam Chandler The Great, and plenty of others!

The show promises to be a stacked one, so don’t miss out on the opportunity to order tickets in advance at Get yours today!


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