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High Voltage Episode 101 - Sunday at 8

On Sunday, October 6th, tune in to the electrifying 101st episode of PPW High Voltage!

Hear nZo (formerly WWE’s Enzo Amore,) spit the realest facts in the room as he tears up the mic in his first ever appearance for PPW Entertainment!

Then, watch a thrilling 6-person intergender tag-team matchup between two trios of tremendous competitors. In one corner stands the squad of PPW WYLN Television Champion,” The Son of Scranton” Johnny Moran, his Undeniable teammate “Alpha Dog” Adam Chandler and PPW Women’s Champion “Courageous” Christina Marie. In the opposing corner is PPW No Limits Champion “Firework” Foxx Vinyer, Adena Steele, and their secret weapon, WWE/ECW veteran, “The War Machine” Rhyno!

Finally, is the first ever Tag Team Golden Ticket Ladder Match, as 4 teams engage in a thrilling bout to decide who will be the first ever PPW Tag Team Golden Ticket holders. Whichever team successfully retrieves the briefcase suspended above the ring will be able to cash it in to challenge for the PPW Tag Team Championships at any place or any time they so choose. South Philly’s Finest, The Sambo Show, Punk Rock All Stars and the Mane Event all look to ride the momentum from winning this match to defeat the current PPW Tag Team Champions, Sent 2 Slaughter.

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