High Voltage 95 Recap

By: Mitchell Frantz

High Voltage delivered with another great night of wrestling on Sunday, with three excellent contests on the show. The Sambo Show picked up their first victory as a team over the Punk Rock All Stars, Foxx Vinyer retained the No Limits Championship over Andy Header and a bunch of cronies, and, in the main event, Christina Marie won the PPW Women's Championship with a victory over Mercedes Martinez. Let's dive in to each match and break down what happened.

The Sambo Show Earns Statement Victory

Samuel Adams and Syler Andrews are two veterans on the independent scene and share a lot of similarities. Both men were born in the same country, they both share the same interests outside of the ring, and both came to America searching for success in the wrestling industry. Where they differ is what makes them such a great team. Their differences are in the ring, with "Mr. Good Luck" being the showman and technician of the pair, and "El Lobo" bringing the speed and power.

Staring across the ring from the on this previous week's edition of High Voltage were the Punk Rock All Stars. 2019 has not been as kind to the Baltimore natives as 2018 has but regardless, Drake Carter and Shaun Cannon combined to have one of the longest tenured PPW Tag Team Championship reigns of all time not too long ago.

After a hard fought contest, The Sambo Show were able to pick up their first victory as a team. The victory is huge, as the Punk Rock All Stars are one of the most experienced and successful teams in PPW history. PPW management most certainly had to take notice to The Sambo Show's victory. It remains to be seen if the win earns Sam and Syler an op