Mason to Defend Against 3 Men After Comments

By: Mitchell Frantz

Charles Mason can certainly talk the talk.

That was proven in the most recent Beyond the Canvas Interview, where the reigning No Limits Champion did not mince words about how he felt about his competition. Assistant General Manger Freddy Ackers caught wind of the interview and has announced that "The Billionaire Playboy" will be defending his championship against three stars of Pennsylvania Premiere Wrestling.

One the people who he talked down upon, Laszlo Arpad, will once again be one of his opponents at Aftermath. Laszlo and “The Billionaire Playboy” have had major issues over the past few months, beginning at Juiced in February, when Mason first became No Limits Champion. During that match, “The Hungarian Hero” believed he had won the No Limits Championship after being the last man in the ring; however, Mason went out underneath the bottom rope and reemerged at the very end to dump Laszlo out and become the champion.

The very next month, Mason came to Hazleton smoking a cigar and having “We are the Champions” echo around the Holy Family Academy, which visibly annoyed Laszlo. That annoyance quickly became irateness when Mason threw the lit cigar at the chest of “The Hungarian Hero,” infuriating the big man and causing the European to lose his composure.

The most recent chapter added to the rivalry occurred at Super Show II, when Mason defeated Laszlo (and Mantequilla) once more. In all of these contests though, Laszlo has not been pinned or submitted.