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What to Expect: Super Show II

By: Mitchell Frantz

Pennsylvania Premiere Wrestling is set to invade Hazleton once more, this time with its most stacked lineup of arguably all time for Super Show II. The show should feature plenty of exciting matches, so let’s not waste any time and dive right into what should be expected on Saturday.

Sean Carr vs. Evander James (PPW Heavyweight Championship Match)

Sean Carr has ran roughshod over all competition at PPW. During his lengthy championship reign that dates back to November, he has defeated a powerhouse in Terrell Kenneth, multiple men in a ladder match at New Beginnings in January, a son of a Loose Cannon in Brian Pillman Jr., and a longtime PPW stalwart in Samuel Adams. The man who he defeated to win the vacant PPW Heavyweight Championship is going to be his opponent on April 27th, Evander James.

James has always been right on the cusp in PPW, and has regularly been featured in main event matches. “The Man you can Trust” will have the fans behind unlike the previous time that the two have squared off, which could make all of the difference in this contest.

Desean Pratt vs. KC Navarro

Desean Pratt has quickly changed from one of the hottest stars in Pennsylvania Premiere Wrestling to one of the most despised. After racking up major victories over Impact’s KM and Lucha Underground star Drago, the “Prince of Camden” took quite the exception to KC Navarro trying to get flashy during their tag team match against Anthony Gangone and Amazing Red. Pratt believes that Navarro, just like most young kids, needs a lesson in respect.

KC Navarro would argue that he was just trying to impress Pratt, who he says that he looks up to. For his one mistake, Navarro has been the recipient of a Pratt beat down in consecutive months. Navarro recently beat Rich Swann and Pratt in a triple threat match at Throwdown on 5th Street; however, it was Swann who got pinned, not Pratt. Looking to settle the score, Super Show II is bound to be the ultimate grudge match between these two exciting high flyers.

South Philly’s Finest vs Arrogance of Excellence (Tables Match for the PPW Tag Team Championships)

South Philly’s Finest have had to overcome obstacle after obstacle. Luca Brazzi and Jimmy Konway lost their Tag Team Championships in January via a controversial referee and lost their rematch when special guest referee TJ Masters made the fastest count in Hazleton history to assure that the Arrogance of Excellence would leave as champions once more. After knocking off the Punk Rock All Stars and Mane Event last month, “The Line” and “The Gent” get one last chance to win back the championships. If they are unsuccessful on Saturday, they cannot compete for the championships again until Johnny Moran and Clutch Adams lose the gold.

Facade vs. Mike Orlando vs. Simon Gotch

While there are technically no stakes on the line in this one, Mike Orlando has a lot to gain if he were to beat two established stars in Facade and Simon Gotch. Orlando has always been one of the most exciting members of the PPW roster given his unique combination of speed, size and strength, yet has had some troubles since coming back from injury. He has defeated Richard Holliday, but also lost to The Storm and the PPW Heavyweight Championship literally slipped out of his hands in a ladder match at New Beginnings. A victory over Richard Holliday got him back on track at Juiced, but a win here would make Orlando’s stock the highest its been since Super Show 1, where he defeated Jack Swagger for the PPW Heavyweight Championship.

Melina/Disco Inferno/Trajan Horn/Mane Event vs. Punk Rock All Stars/Foxx Vinyer/King Leon/Adena Steele

Melina and Disco Inferno are pretty much guaranteed to get all the fanfare in this contest, but do not discredit their teammates or their opponents. Trajan Horn mixes his goofiness with a punishing in ring style, while the Mane Event are one of the most entertaining acts on the entire PPW roster.

Across the ring from them, Foxx Vinyer is one of the most dangerous men in PPW, having spent time with Ring of Honor and having one of the most intimidating looks around. His ferocity is match by the just as imposing King Leon the 6th, who will also have his trusted Squire in his corner. Squire has been known to sacrifice himself for Leon, and if the opportunity arises, look for him to do so once more. The Punk Rock All Stars are two of the most dangerous men in PPW, using hairspray and their manager Delilah to their advantage. Adena Steele is the wild card in this contest, as she has never competed in a PPW ring but looks to make a mighty impression by attempting to overcome Melina.

John Wes vs Jason King (PPW TV Championship Match)

John Wes has been PPW’s Television Champion since September, but one of the biggest criticisms about his reign is how he rarely defends the gold. Most of this has to do with manager Ryan Race trying to protect his prized possession, but there has been one thorn in their side the entire time: Jason King.

“The Devil’s Favorite Reject” has climbed back up the ranks after losing to Wes at Slay Bells Ringing in December, and has earned himself another opportunity at the Television Championship. In a sit down interview with King, the veteran revealed that he does not have any issues with John Wes himself, but rather simply Ryan Race. King solely wants to deprive the hated manager of his most precious possession, the PPW Television Championship.

Charles Mason vs. Laszlo Arpad vs. Mantequilla (No Limits Championship Match)

Charles Mason is no stranger to multi-man matches, as every No Limits Championship match in 2019 has featured multiple people. After the championship was vacated by Majestic Noah due to injury, Mason has found himself competing for the championship in a 20-man rumble, as well as defending it last month against 3 other men in a Fatal 4 Way.

One of those men was his opponent this month, Laszlo Arpad. “The Hungarian Hero” looks to rebound from his crushing elimination from the PPW No Limits Rumble after he thought he had won in February and was not involved in the pin at Throwdown on 5th Street.

As for the third competitor in this contest, Mantequilla, the luchador will look to be opportunistic and take advantage of the personal issues between Laszlo and Mason and exploit their emotions to walk out as champ.

Nyla Rose vs. Christina Marie

After carrying the PPW Women’s Division for so long, Christina Marie shockingly lost her championship to Mercedes Martinez at Throwdown on 5th Street. With Martinez not around this month, Marie will look to get back to her winning ways against All Elite Wrestling star Nyla Rose.

Rose is one of the most intimidating women in the business, as she is typically much stronger than her opponents. She will not have that luxury against Christina, as the red head is a highly accomplished powerlifter. This should be quite the match of power against power.

Gillberg vs. Andy Header

This is sure to be a lighthearted comedy match, but the stakes are high for Andy Header. The loudmouth of Undeniable is looking for a marquee win, and picking up a victory over Attitude Era icon Gillberg could be exactly that.

For Gillberg, the longest reigning Light Heavyweight Champion in WWE history will have to try to psych Header out, as the Pottsville native is in his physical prime, unlike Gillberg. While Header has over a decade of experience under his belt, Gillberg nearly triples that with 29 years of experience in major like WWE, ECW, WCW and NWA.

Samuel Adams vs. Pat Buck

Samuel Adams will look to rebound after a crushing loss to PPW Heavyweight Champion Sean Carr with a major victory over the debuting Pat Buck. While Buck is not well known to most of the PPW Nation, his resume is very impressive. In fact, Buck is the owner of WrestlePro and has wrestled for WWE and Impact, including recently competing to become the number one contender to the X-Division Championship in an Ultimate X match. Samuel Adams is one of the most seasoned PPW competitors, so if Buck is able to defeat him, it will make an immediate impression on PPW management.

Richard Holliday and Adam Chandler in Action

"The Most Marketable Man in Professional Wrestling" Richard Holliday is scheduled to be competing at Super Show II, but his opponent has not been announced yet. This could potentially be an expert marketing strategy for the college graduate, as he could be hiding his opponent from everyone in order to build suspense for the show.

Adam Chandler The Great is also set to be in action at Super Show II and also does not have an announced opponent. This is most likely the working of PPW Commissioner TJ Masters, who wants to keep Chandler's opponent a secret from everyone besides The Great Nation native in order to give him an advantage in scouting out his opponent(s).

WWE Hall of Famer Teddy Long will also be attendance for the show, as the beloved GM will be the night's Guest General Manager for the massive show.

Tickets are still on sale online and will be available at the door on the day of the show for this stacked card. Don’t miss your chance to see the best wrestling in Pennsylvania and some of the biggest stars in all of sports entertainment come out for this massive show! Online tickets can be found at Get yours now!


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