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What to Expect: Aftermath

By: Mitchell Frantz

Pennsylvania Premiere Wrestling is all set to present Aftermath this Saturday, and it has an absolutely stacked card for the extravaganza. Let's not waste any time and see what is at stake for each match.

Evander James (c) vs. Desean Pratt vs. 2 Cold Scorpio vs. Samuel Adams - PPW Heavyweight Championship Match

Evander James recently defeated Sean Carr at PPW Super Show 2, and jumps right into the fire with a massive Fatal 4 Way in his first defense as champion this time around. "The Man you can Trust" will face PPW stalwart Samuel Adams as well as ECW, WCW, and WWE star 2 Cold Scorpio.

The fourth comeptitor in this match, Desean Pratt, is the ultimate wild card. "The Prince of Camden" won the Golden Ticket briefcase on the same night that James became PPW Heavyweight Champion, meaning that Pratt can have a championship match anywhere and at anytime he wants. Theoretically, Pratt can lose here and immediately cash in his Golden Ticket briefcase afterwards. In fact, if he were to win at Aftermath, Pratt would be in the unprecedented spot of holding both the briefcase and the championship.

SPF & MVP vs. Adam Chandler The Great & Arrogance of Excellence

South Philly's Finest currently feel on top of the world, beginning their 6th PPW Tag Team Championship reign after a gutsy performance by SPF's Luca Brazzi. The former champions, Arrogance of Excellence, will wait for another month for their rematch and team with another TJ Masters client, Adam Chandler The Great. The jacked Chandler will look to be AoE's equalizer against former WWE United States Champion MVP.

MVP comes to PPW with a ton of hype and fanfare, and will look to guide the most decorated team in PPW history to a victory over the despised trio.

D3 vs. JXT

In a contest that has a high probability of stealing the show, the beloved D3 will take on the just as adored JXT. The bout will be an international matchup, as D3 was born in Italy, while "The Jaystick" has lived his whole life in Australia.

This contest will definitely be a fun one with a very slight edge going to D3, as he has competed at PPW numerous times in the past, while JXT is making his Hazleton debut at Aftermath. Look for the two to tear the house down while attempting to one-up each other in the process.

Nyla Rose vs. Christina Marie

The first of two rematches from Super Show 2, AEW's Nyla Rose will return once again on Saturday to battle a former PPW Women's Champion, Christina Marie. After losing her championship, Christina Marie has not seemed like herself. This much was evident during her last contest against Rose at Super Show 2.

"The Native Beast" looks to once again overwhelm Marie, while "Courageous" Christina will attempt to get out of her own head and defeat the All Elite wrestler. Saturday will be a huge indicator of where Christina's PPW career goes from here.

Jason King (c) vs. John Wes - PPW Television Championship Match

Jason King is finally on track to accomplishing his mission in PPW: taking out Ryan Race and his associates. After a ruse by Penny Lane caused John Wes to lose the PPW TV Championship to King, "The Devil's Favorite Reject" looks to get rid of his Race, Wes, and his Undeniable problem once and for all.

Expect Race to use every cheap tactic possible in order to get Wes the gold back, as the power hungry manager does not have any champions in his stable for the first time in a long while, which is driving the Undeniable leader crazy. A frustrated Ryan Race means that King is thrilled; if the reigning champion retains on Saturday, Ryan Race may potentially lose it, much to the delight of the PPW Nation and King.

Charles Mason (c) vs. Laszlo Arpad vs. Foxx Vinyer vs. Mantequilla - PPW No Limits Championship Match

Charles Mason has never been one to keep his opinions to himself, which may come back to bite him come Aftermath. "The Billionaire Playboy" has not been shy voicing his opinions of his competition on social media and in interviews, leading to Assistant General Manager Freddy Ackers to give Mason 3 formidable challengers for Saturday.

Laszlo Arpad has had the biggest issues with Mason as of late, and looks to finally put away the rich champion and win the gold for himself. Foxx Vinyer looks to insert himself in the rivalry just long enough to leave Hazleton as No Limits Champion by overwhelming his opponents with speed and strength. Victor Andrews on the other hand looks to avenge his close friend Majestic Noah's injury, which forced Noah to vacate the No Limits Championship, and win the gold in order to give the former champion the first crack at the gold when he is cleared for action.

Richard Holliday vs. Brandon Scott

Richard Holliday has had issues with PPW Management, as "The Most Marketable Man" did not have an advertised opponent for Super Show 2. This month, they more than made up for it with one of PPW's longest tenured competitors returning to Hazleton for the first time in 9 months, Brandon Scott.

Scott, a former PPW Television Champion and fresh of a WWE RAW appearance, will look to overcome the size mismatch that "The Most Marketable Man" possesses by using his elite technical wrestling skills to outmaneuver Holliday.

Professional wrestling's marketing genius may have an ace up his sleeve, as Holliday's close friend and Dynasty stablemate Alexander Hammerstone will be debuting at Aftermath and may play a part in the outcome of his friend's contest on Saturday night.

Mantequilla vs. The Whisper

Mantequilla will always be beloved by Hazleton, but will have to go up against a competitor unlike anything he has ever seen before in The Whisper. "The Innovator of Silence" is just as dangerous as he is creepy and will aim to pick up a victory over one of the most exciting members of the PPW roster.

On the flip side, the man who loves butter will need to keep his composure against The Whisper's mind games, as well as use the PPW Nation to his advantage. This is the only way that "The Lucha Hero" can come out victorious of this contest.

Adena Steele vs. Edna Pinheart

In a match that could be a glimpse into the future of PPW's Women's Division, Adena Steele is set to make her second appearance in a PPW ring as she takes on the eerie Edna Pinheart. Steele gained valuable experience last month when she shared the ring with former WWE Women's Champion Melina, and will look to transfer what she learned over to her match against Pinheart.

For Pinheart, she will look to use voodoo and other tactics to not only fluster Steele, but to additionally control her. Watching Pinheart live for the first time will be surreal for the PPW Nation, unless the Scranton-born Steele can find a way to avoid such tactics.

Punk Rock All Stars and Mane Event in Action

Both the Punk Rock All Stars and Mane Event are set to appear at Aftermath, although there is no word who they will be competing against. The detestable Punk Rock All Stars have had issues with the Mane Event through this year, so a contest between the two isn't entirely out of the question.

The Mane Event is riding a solid wave of momentum after teaming with Disco Inferno, Melina and Trajan Horn to defeat the Punk Rock All Stars, King Leon the 6th, Foxx Vinyer and Adena Steele in 10-person action. Another win at Aftermath could push them to the front of the PPW Tag Team Championship picture.

The Sons of Dogtown to Debut Saturday

House of Gangone members The Sons of Dogtown will be making their debuts in the Holy Family Academy on May 18th. The duo of Rembrandt Lewis and Toasty Tomm will look to make noise in the loaded PPW tag team division.

MVP to Host Seminar

Former WWE United States Champion and WWE Tag Team Champion MVP will host a seminar for any and all wrestlers interested in attending. The cost for the seminar is $30, and seminar participants are encouraged to stick around and watch the event afterwards.


To see the greatest show in Hazleton live, go to and purchase tickets today! Ringside seats are still available, but are selling fast! Meet and greet tickets for MVP and 2 Cold Scorpio are also available, but a ticket to the show must be purchased before a ticket to the meet and greet may be bought. We look forward to seeing you there, PPW Nation!


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