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What Went Down: Aftermath

By: Mitchell Frantz

PPW presented a jam packed Aftermath show, with plenty of exciting matches and announcements that shook up the PPW landscape as we know it. Let’s recap what happened.

SPF Forced to Vacate Gold, Win Alongside MVP

South Philly’s Finest won the PPW Tag Team Championship at Super Show II but their reign did not last long at all. The wise guys from Philadelphia won their record sixth tag team championships at the event, but were forced the vacant the championship as the rules state that an opponent must be forced by an opponent through the table; Johnny Moran of Arrogance of Excellence fell through the table after the table gave out. It was not because of someone forcing him through, as per the ruling of Assistant General Manager Freddy Ackers.

SPF came out later in the night to team up with MVP against their rivals, AoE, and fellow Undeniable member and TJ Masters/Ryan Race client Adam Chandler The Great. A chaotic 6 man tag team match saw two members of the Underdogs training school come out and brawl with Johnny Moran and Adam Chandler into the back, which left Clutch Adams alone with SPF and MVP. The mismatch proved to be too much for Clutch to overcome, and MVP was able to pin the AoE member and pick up the victory for his team in a fun main event.

Evander Retains, Pratt Still Lurks

Evander James had some steep competition ahead of him in his first PPW Heavyweight Championship defense, as not only did Samuel Adams face him, but so did wrestling legend 2 Cold Scorpio and “Mr. Golden Opportunity” Desean Pratt. The match more than lived up to expectations, as Scorpio in particular dazzled some 20 years since his days in the WWF, as the Denver native even pulled off an impressive moonsault. However, after a gorgeous 450 splash onto Samuel Adams, “The Man you can Trust” was able to retain his gold.

Right after the match, James and Scorpio met in the center of the ring, and the two stars shook hands and raised arms together. The celebration did not last long, as Pratt reminded James that he is still a threat. He beat the life out of the champion with the Golden Ticket, destroying his opponent and his briefcase at the same time. While Pratt was about to hand the official his briefcase, he ultimately decided against it and left with the guaranteed championship match contract still in hand.

Christina Marie Turns Back on PPW Nation

Christina Marie has long been one of the most beloved members of the PPW roster. The Courageous former PPW Women's Champion always garners one of the biggest reactions from the fans, but after a crushing loss to AEW’s Nyla Rose, the red headed warrior has not seemed the same. Marie took out her frustrations from Nyla Rose on a vulnerable Adena Steele, who had just lost to the debuting Edna Pinheart.

After a Courageous Bomb to Steele, Marie took to the microphone and addressed how the fans were sympathetic towards Adena, but not towards her after she was destroyed by Rose. Her hate spewed with every word, and the PPW Nation was stunned to see their beloved heroine chew them out. Next month at PPW Destiny on June 22nd, it will get highly interesting to see how Marie acts then, as this new attitude is not going to sit very well with the fans.

Foxx Vinyer is No Limits

Foxx Vinyer lurked underneath the radar heading into his championship triple threat match with Charles Mason. Sure, F2V has been world traveled and has competed in Ring of Honor, but former champion Charles Mason scoffed at the fact that he and Victor Andrews were credible competitors. Mason could not have been more wrong, as Vinyer and Andrews both proved to be more than he could handle.

With “Firework” as the new champion, maybe Mason will be humbled and begin taking his opponents more seriously. As for “The Kaleidoscope of Chaos” and his future, look for the powerhouse to defend his championship against anyone while using whatever tactic necessary to keep the gold, whether the fans like it or not.

JXT, D3 Impress

In a matchup of 2 international stars, JXT took on a returning D3 in what was arguably the match of the night. “The Jaystick” provided the fans in attendance with the treat of watching the Australian style live, while D3 showed why he is one of the most beloved stars in PPW history with his fiery offense and passion for PPW emulating around the Holy Family Academy with his every movement.

After a back and forth match that left the fans on the edge of their seats, a spinning tombstone piledriver from the Aussie was enough to put D3 away for the 3 count. After quite the whirlwind of a match, it was only appropriate that the two shook hands afterwards in a mutual sign of respect.

Full results from the show can be seen below:

Singles Match

Edna Pinheart defeats Adena Steele​

Tag Team Match

Punk Rock All Stars (with Delilah) defeated The Sons of Dogtown​

Singles Match

Mantequilla defeats The Whisper​

Triple Threat Match for the PPW No Limits Championship

Foxx Vinyer (with Delilah) defeats Charles Mason and Victor Andrews to become the new PPW No Limits Champion

PPW Heavyweight Championship Fatal 4 Way Match

Evander James defeats 2 Cold Scorpio and Sam Adams and Desean Pratt to retain the PPW Heavyweight Championship

Tag Team Match

The Dynasty (Alexander Hammerstone and Richard Holliday) and The Mane Event (Midas Black and Jay Lyon) fought to a double count-out

PPW Television Championship Match

Jason King defeated John Wes to retain the PPW Television Championship

Singles Match

JXT defeated D3

Singles Match

6 Man Tag Team Match

MVP and South Philly's Finest defeated Adam Chandler and Arrogance of Excellence​


What's Next

PPW will return to Hazleton and the Holy Family Academy on Saturday, June 22nd to present Destiny featuring TJ Perkins and Summer Rae! Tickets for the show and the meet and greet are available at


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